Ode to Fire

Fire is an ancient and most powerful presence. It has a rich history in the mythologies of cultures throughout the world, has a critical role in shaping our natural environment, is crucial for the evolution of the cosmos and life on the planet, and deeply influences our understanding and experience of the divine.

A Spiral Path [Fragment]

A few years back, a wise friend gifted me a rolled set of papers for my birthday. My friend referred to the parchment-like papers with great respect, mixed with a sense of mystery and great significance. At some point it seemed that he was almost doubting whether he should hand me the gift. Largely ignoring what the papers were about, when I received them, it felt like a transmission of sorts, as if I was allowed into the inner chamber reserved for those that managed to cross an invisible threshold.

Bioalchemy: A Personal Introduction

Bioalchemy represents an inward exploration, a reaching into the depths of being to rescue invaluable pearls of relational wisdom. It is a deep exercise of self-exploration; an attuning to the natural forces surrounding us in which the deep voice emanating from the inner soulscapes of human and nature intermingle in ways that intimately speak of integration and wholeness.

The Yoga of Sustainable Happiness

In light of the unprecedented ecological crisis we face, the quest for sustainable living is a top priority for industrial societies when attempting to ensure the viability of future generations. There is a great need for rediscovering the inherent reciprocity and mutual belonging between humans and the Earth that runs deep into the subtlest dimensions of our humanity.

Chain of Boundless Love

This guided meditation casts a powerful, magnetic, and radiating force of boundless love. By following the steps outlined below, the participants tap into a sacred well from which to evoke healing, wellbeing, and protection for the participants themselves, surrounding communities, and the world at large. In addition, the sacred covenant created provides an appropriate setting to invoke and make manifest spiritual guides and allies.