Chain of Boundless Love

Chain of Boundless Love

Adrián Villaseñor Galarza

This guided meditation casts a powerful, magnetic, and radiating force of boundless love. By following the steps outlined below, the participants tap into a sacred well from which to evoke healing, wellbeing, and protection for the participants themselves, surrounding communities, and the world at large. In addition, the sacred covenant created provides an appropriate setting to invoke and make manifest spiritual guides and allies.

The magnetic circle, created by visualization ad focused attention, draws from what the ancient Greeks termed “theurgy” or the evocation of spiritual presences with the aim of achieving self-perfection. There is also a strong influence of the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness (metta or maitri), in which the practitioner focuses on healing and happiness independent of self-interest. The Chain of Boundless Love, however, incorporates a communal component, and conforms the basic template of more elaborate meditations.

In what follows, I will elucidate the key guidelines of the meditation. Although detail and nuance are important, please do not preoccupy with them and try to incorporate the guidelines with ease. Intention and presence are to take particular relevance. The Chain of Boundless Love can be practiced in small groups (two participants or more) or large ones, or as an individual meditation too. The meditation is particularly helpful to open or close a given ritual or sacred activity, but lends itself to be practiced on any appropriate occasion.

Initial Suggestions

The Chain of Boundless Love is a standing, guided meditation. Arrange participants in a circle including yourself (the guide or facilitator). If and when possible, the ideal arrangement is an alternate of woman and man, given the natural energetic polarities represented by each (this of course can go beyond current gender stigmas and embrace a freer an open approach to energetic polarity).

Please adopt a comfortable stance with relaxed shoulders and an erect spine. Feet are near to parallel, hip width apart, with heels closer to each other. Take a few deep, centering breaths and take your neighbors hands; left hand faces up or front to receive energy and right hand down or back to transfer energy.

Once the circle is sealed, participants are invited to close their eyes and remain present through deep, relaxing breaths.

Guided Imagery

Focusing on the heart center, a beautiful, iridescent light—a light of love—emanates from it. The light slowly bathes your body; torso, legs, head, feet, and fills you in and out until you are one with the light. You receive light from your neighbor through your left hand and travels through your heart and body to be transmitted to your neighbor in the right through your right hand. The light encloses the circle swirling counterclockwise at an increasing speed.

The iridescent light expands beyond the circle, filling the room or immediate space where the practice is taking place, thus beginning its journey outward. The light bathes the structures and beings in the area, enlivening everything it encounters; trees, clouds, worms, humans, waves, mountains, cars, etc. The light extends up to the sky and deep into the bottom of the oceans passing through jungles, deserts, plateaus, forests, and all the beings in them (the facilitator may elaborate on the light’s journey as needed).

Birthed from the heart of those in the circle, the light knows no limit. It specially inundates those who may be suffering calamities or injustices, disease or violence. The areas of the planet where war, hunger, and pain, seem to reign, where ecosystems give way to arid dry lands and thousands of species perish are suffused by the swirling light.

The whole planet manifests in the middle of the circle. The participants, clothed with the force and light of boundless love, focus on the health and prosperity of the living planet at the center, bathing it with the light emanating from the heart. The planet basks in luminous love and all ecosystems, species, and structures, relish in harmony and content.


As a way of bringing the meditation to a close, the facilitator invites the participants to repeat after him/her:

May all beings be happy!

May all beings be joyful!

May all beings be at peace!

(Three times)

Then, the voices on the circle come together in the mantra AUM three times (AAAA-UUUU-MMMMM).[2]

To finalize, the participants repeat after the facilitator:

The power of love guides us!

The power of love illuminates us!

The power love protects us!

(Three times)

So be it, So it is, Is.

Slowly, the participants are invited to release their hands and gently place them on the heart center to summon a warm feeling of gratitude for the source of all that is. With eyes open, the Chain of Boundless Love comes to a close.

[1] Adapted from the teachings of the V.M. Samael Aun Weor aided by materials of the Pneuma System. Once imprisoned with charges of “healing the ill” and often regarded as the avatar of the Age of Aquarius and a controversial plagiarist, Samael Aun Weor was a South American Neo-Gnostic sage with thousands of followers around the world.

[2] AUM (also OM) is said to carry the essence of Vedic science and of all mantras. AUM is formed of three Sanskrit syllables; Creation (A), Preservation (U), and Destruction (M), which together symbolize the Ultimate Source of all that is.


Adrián Villaseñor Galarza

I’m passionate about human transformation in service of the living Earth, in order to uncover the regenerative expression of our deep potentials. 

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