Living Flames

May we become living flames and radiate our warmth in all directions, to all our relations.

The warmth and luminosity of fire serve as a living symbol of the highest potentials of humans and world. From the ancestral Big Burst at the dawn of time and the cosmic birth of stars and galaxies, to the vibrance and depth of planetary life and the magical spark of awareness, fire’s presence is fundamental in the dance of existence.

There is a great need of re-kindling the fiery essence of our elemental nature in these times of planetary crisis and opportunity.

Through various offerings, including individual sessionsonline courses, ritual, and writings, Adrián cultivates a wakeful, kind, and regenerative presence by inviting our true essence to burn and illumine our lives.


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Ode to Fire

Fire is an ancient and most powerful presence. It has a rich history in the mythologies of cultures throughout the world, has a critical role …
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A Spiral Path [Fragment]

A few years back, a wise friend gifted me a rolled set of papers for my birthday. My friend referred to the parchment-like papers with …
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Chain of Boundless Love

This guided meditation casts a powerful, magnetic, and radiating force of boundless love. By following the steps outlined below, the participants tap into a sacred …
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