Psychology, Nature & Consciousness

Psychology, Nature & Consciousness


Unless otherwise stated, the certificate courses are offered in Spanish. Connect with us for further details.

Composed of 5 courses and a final project, our Psychology, Nature, Consciousness Certificate is rooted in a deep and transdisciplinary educational model and a transformative and revealing experiential dimension that brings us closer to what’s essential–a life full of meaning and consciousness development.

Being a pioneer in the Spanish-speaking world, the certificate brings together different teachings informed by an expanded psychology (systemic, transpersonal, integral, ecological), some schools of deep ecological thought, and various spiritual traditions.

This integration results in a fresh and relevant proposal that proposes self-knowledge and service as cornerstones of the path of consciousness evolution, and of a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

The “psychology-nature-consciousness” triad reveals various potentialities of the human condition. When valued and nurtured throughout the Certificate, such potentialities sprout like seedlings in fertile soil following the call of the new day, awakening to the real essence of the world.

What will you learn?

  • Reflect alongside a community of practice about your latent potentialities in service of psycho-emotional health, eco-social service, and self-realization.
  • Actively contribute to your personal development in alignment with the broader movements of the communities you belong to, including the Earth itself.
  • Innovative concepts, models, and understandings of human processes based on an broad, inclusive, and transdisciplinary perspective.
  • A comprehensive look at the quality of our relation to nature, processes of healing and disease, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and a transgenerational approach.
  • Tools and allies to deepen your journey of self-exploration, which you can incorporate into your counseling or therapeutic service, or other type of healing modalities you may be interested in.

Who’s the certificate for?

Although open to everyone on a path of personal development, self-knowledge, and psycho-emotional wellbeing, the certificate will be of particular interest to people whose vocation revolves around depth counseling and soul health, such as: psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, ritualists, coaches, health and teaching professionals.