“It is my great pleasure to recommend Adrián Villasenor as a guide and teacher for all who seek personal transformation in the cause of social and ecological justice. Adrián is committed to serving life on Earth, and to this service he brings a rich background as well as strong gifts of character and intellect…I am extremely glad for Adrian’s great heart and skills in working with individuals and groups, and for his healing presence in our world.”

Joanna Macy, PhD

“For me, he [Adrián] is an example of a proficient researcher as well as an embodiment of his own research. He creates theory and lives it in his personal life, which, I believe, will transform the earth from within and without. I look forward to his further and deeper research and teaching so that more of us can learn from him and awaken to new ways of understanding the earth and living on this jewel like planet.”

Hiroko Shiota, PhD

“Wow, what to say!? I had no idea what to expect. I was blown away by my session with Adrian! One thing that I could share is that, I felt the “impurities” within me, leaving my body and that I walked out feeling at least 20 pounds lighter! His inquiry and approach to what you bring (your issues), he handles with care and authenticity to support you, that allowed me to feel safe. His technique to remove them (the impurities) seems very ancient and I think of him as an Urban Shaman. I highly recommend having a session with him!”

Jada Delaney

“Adrian’s work has been inspiring to me due to his immense passion and dedication to influencing personal, social, and planetary transformation. Adrian has a keen ability to teach and synthesize intellectual material in a clear and engaging way, which paired with his warm, humble, and compassionate presence, offers a refreshing perspective to the topics explored. He is an inspiration to those who work towards a truly embodied intellectual learning, self-discovery, and transformation.”

Workshop Participant

“I came to Adrian during a time of experiencing intense bouts of both personal and vicarious trauma. I didn’t know what to expect, or necessarily what I wanted from the session, other than a clearing of all the heavy energy and trauma that had built up in my body over the last few months. Through Adrian’s unique energy and capacity to create safe space, I was able to not only release the trauma and pain, but also able to begin hearing the call of deeper core issues lying at the heart of my Self. My session with Adrian was infused with Shamanic cleansing and light touch, but most importantly a nonjudgmental and compassionate space to relax into my FULL being- this was the greatest gift of all, and I left feeling lighter and unapologetic for my own power, body, and need for taking up space.”

Sarah Grady

“I absolutely recommend meeting with Adrian for a Healing session, for I find him to be a true healer! His compassionate presence and mindful awareness evokes a strong sense of support and wise-hearted wisdom to guide you. I found his healing energy work to be incredibly powerful yet also beautifully gentle, and thus transformative on many levels for my mind, body, and spirit. After my session, I felt a strong sense of spiritual and energetic support, empowerment, and renewal to carry with me beyond the session. I truly feel that it was one of the most powerful healing sessions that I have had in a very long time. His training in various healing and ancient wisdom traditions shines forth in his work. I hope you will gift yourself an opportunity to meet with him and experience this for yourself!”

Jennie Hicks