At the heart of reality is a hidden truth which is reflected within each of us, but unrealized. To realize this truth takes courage, persistence and training. It changes our world and ourselves, eventually igniting the fire of vision, love and creative power

Rigdzin Shikpo

Humanity has been shaped and informed by fire from time immemorial. Fire enabled the Big Burst that set the universal dance in motion, making its abode at the heart of all things. Fire fuels the wombs of stars that birth galaxies such as the Milky Way, regulates the health of planetary ecosystems through solar activity, makes possible the life-giving process of breathing, and maintains the magical spark of awareness burning. The warmth and luminosity of fire remain as a living symbol of humanity's highest potential and the creative, transformative essence of the world. Yet, our everyday lives are often disconnected from the essential fire.

There is a great need of kindling our inner flame. Living Flames cultivates a sustainable, healthy, and regenerative presence by way of enabling our true essence to burn and illumine our lives. We do so through engaged, educational activities (workshops, writings) and healing sessions (ritual & ecotherapypersonal healing sessions) that kindle the essential fire of our true nature.  A clear awareness of our fiery essence is needed in these times of planetary awakening.

May we become living flames and radiate our warmth in all directions, to all our relations.


"It is my great pleasure to recommend Adrián Villasenor as a guide and teacher for all who seek personal transformation in the cause of social and ecological justice. Adrián is committed to serving life on Earth, and to this service he brings a rich background as well as strong gifts of character and intellect. Having worked with Adrián both in his doctoral work at the California Institute of Integral Studies and in training groups for facilitating the Work That Reconnects, I can attest to his quiet and steady commitment to the healing of our world. His Masters degree in Holistic Science from Schumacher College and his doctorate in Ecology, Psychology, and Consciousness from CIIS help him tap a wealth of intellectual resources, while his use of the Work That Reconnects--as well as his generosity in translating the whole guidebook into Spanish--deepen his relational capacities for assisting people through existential distress. I am extremely glad for Adrian's great heart and skills in working with individuals and groups, and for his healing presence in our world."

Joanna Macy


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